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The Long Hard Fight: Blacks & The War Of 1812

Title:The Long Hard Fight: Blacks & The War Of 1812
Date & Time:Mon Nov 11, 2013 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Location:Alexandria Black History Museum, 902 Wythe St. (Map This)
Event Details:A lecture in honor of Veterans Day, by renowned historian C.R. Gibbs. The Long, Hard Fight: Blacks & The War of 1812, tells the complex and revealing story of the role of people of African descent on both sides of America's least-known conflict. Far more than just a story of slaves fighting for their liberty, renowned historian C.R. Gibbs expertly chronicles a multifaceted struggle for human justice and equality even after freedom had been won on the battlefield. Discover the strange connection between a verse in our national anthem and a group of blacks fighting for the British. Learn the gripping story of how a group of African American sailors dragged cannon from the Navy Yard to the Battle of Bladensburg. Embroiled in a far-reaching struggle between two great nations, blacks for reasons the same and dissimilar sought to turn a time of danger into an hour of opportunity and advancement.
Contact Phone No.:703.746.4356
Fees:Free, but reservations encouraged.
Audience:Anyone may attend
Tags:Holiday Event, Lecture

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