Report City roadways that have snow or ice problems

Status Note: Definitions of Snow Removal Status

Roads Closed
Streets are accessible to emergency vehicles only. All other vehicles should stay off the roads, as conditions are unsafe for driving.

Snow covered
Street is covered with snow.

Street may have been plowed (possibly one lane only) but may have only been treated. Snowy or icy spots remain and the street will require additional plowing. Drivers should use caution and limit driving to essential trips.

Snow has been pushed to the sides of the street, leaving visible snow, or cleared down to blacktop, with running water visible. Streets are also treated with salt. Drivers should continue to use caution and expect icy spots and/or snow.

1: Click on a road or use the search box below the map.
2: Drag the pin to, or click on, the exact location that needs to be treated.

Please note the fire hydrants near you and assist firefighters by clearing at least three feet in each direction and not parking within 15 feet of a hydrant.

Map Legend: Hydrant Fire Hydrant Alert symbol Open Request

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