MyAlex Web Login

What is MyAlex Web Login?

MyAlex Web Login makes interacting with Alexandria’s websites easier.

Today all government websites are expected to provide online, self-service features to their residents and customers. Those features require login accounts – usernames and passwords. Nobody likes keeping track of lots of usernames and passwords. MyAlex Web Login is a login system that’s used by our most popular self-service website features so you don’t have to keep track of multiple login accounts.

In fact, for most people MyAlex Web Login means you can use a website login account you already have – no new passwords to manage!

MyAlex Web Login also allows you to maintain a profile of basic contact information so that you won’t have to re-type that information when you use new website features. For instance, if you log in with Facebook your name and email address will be filled in for you when you log in to request a service with Alex311.

Where Can I Use MyAlex Web Login?

What Else is Planned for MyAlex Web Login?

  • Web Calendar Integration – quickly star events you’re interested in and make your own personalized calendar of City events for  your iPhone, tablet, desktop software like Microsoft Outlook, or publishing on your blog

How Does Logging In with Facebook or Google, Work?

When you choose one of these options, MyAlex Web Login sends you to the Facebook or Google website with a special link telling that site that we would like to verify that you are logged in and obtain some basic information like your primary email address. MyAlex Web Login does not request permission to act on your behalf, does not ask for access to any friend or contact lists, does not ask for permission to see private content, etc. We require your email address so that we will have some means of contacting you about your login account.

When you approve sharing your email address and basic profile information with us, you can use any website feature that requires MyAlex Web Login without setting up a new username and password.

What if I Don’t Want to Log in with Facebook or Google?

That’s OK! You can create a login account just for our MyAlex Web Login system. Just choose a username and password, and provide us your email address so you can use the “forgot password” feature if you ever need to. We have no way of “seeing” what your password is – the email-based password reset feature is the only way you can regain access to your login account.

What if I Forget My Facebook or Google Password?

You will need to use the Facebook or Google websites to restore your access there before using that system again with MyAlex Web Login.

Can I Switch Login Methods? Use Google Today, Facebook Tomorrow?

That depends. Even if Facebook and Google both have the same primary email address listed for you, your Google-based MyAlex Web Login account will be treated separately from your Facebook-based MyAlex Web Login account by some of our web applications like the Guest parking permit system. But other applications including Alex311 and the Business Tax Portal identify you by your primary email address - for those you can seamlessly switch between providers.

What if I Need Support?

If you encounter trouble using MyAlex Web Login, please open a service request through Alex311 or call our Customer Connection Center at 703.746.4311.