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Lecture: Slave Trading in the Civil War South

Title:Lecture: Slave Trading in the Civil War South
Date & Time:Fri Jun 14, 2024 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
201 S. Washington St.
Event Details:Lecture: An Unholy Traffic, Slave Trading in the Civil War South

From Fort Sumter to Appomattox, Confederates bought and sold thousands of men, women, and children through a surviving trade in slaves. Even though the war destroyed the cotton economy that had long underpinned American slavery and fueled the slave trade, Confederates used slave commerce to shape their experiences of the war, whether to help them mobilize for the conflict or to weather the numerous crises it created. Some speculated wildly in human property to ward off inflation or to buy shares in the slaveholding future for which they fought. Still others traded people to keep them from achieving the freedom the war offered. For those held in slavery, meanwhile, the surviving slave trade dramatically shaped the ways in which they encountered liberty, yanking many back into bondage while inspiring others to risk flight.

Dr. Robert Colby is an assistant professor at the University of Mississippi and is the author of An Unholy Traffic: Slave Trading in the Civil War South. Proceeds from the event support Freedom House Museum.
Fees:$15/OHA Members $12
Audience:Anyone may attend
Tags:Black History, Lyceum, Museums

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