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Apr 18, 2024 Thu 7:00 PMLecture: The 1837 Case of Dorcas Allen
In “The Brutal Truth Revealed: The 1837 Case of Dorcas Allen,” Dr. Alison Mann will discuss a traumatic event that occurred at 1315 Duke Street in 1837 and its legal implications and aftermath that was the basis of her 2010 doctoral dissertation. In August 1837, a Georgetown resident sold Dorcas Allen and her four children to James H. Birch.
May 7, 2024 Tue 7:00 PMLecture/Concert: Music from Lafayette's Lifetime
Lafayette, La Musique de la Garde Nationale Parisienne. In commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the Marquis de Lafayette’s 1824-25 tour of the United States, enjoy a lecture/concert of music from Lafayette’s lifetime performed on early 19th-century instruments.
May 21, 2024 Tue 7:00 PMLecture: Remember the First Ladies
Please join us for a moderated program featuring Diana Carlin, Anita McBride, and Nancy Kegan Smith, co-authors of a new book, "Remember the First Ladies: The Legacies of America's History-Making Women."
Jun 14, 2024 Fri 7:00 PMLecture: Slave Trading in the Civil War South
From Fort Sumter to Appomattox, Confederates bought and sold thousands of men, women, and children through a surviving trade in slaves. Even though the war destroyed the cotton economy that had long underpinned American slavery and fueled the slave trade, Confederates used slave commerce to shape their experiences of the war.