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There are several very important projects that have been initiated in City of Alexandria whose completion will enhance the public's understanding of history, provide access for diverse groups, offer more cultural amenities, and increase revenue to the city through heritage tourism dollars. Objectives for each of these projects meet the standard of signifcance within the five year time frame.
First, design, build, interpret, promote and dedicate the Contraband and Freedmen's Cemetery Memorial and sculpture. As you are aware, the funding for this comes from the Wilson Bridge mitigation funds and from Save America's Treasures. While it had been hoped that this would be completed by 2007, the project is currently in design and the RFQ for sculpture is about to be announced.
Equally exciting for the City is the work now being done on Fort Ward Park. The park will afford the opportunity to interpret the Native American culture, the Civil War history, and the post Civil War - segregation story of those who lived in the Fort Ward area. Funding has been obtained for the current fiscal year, however additional funding will be needed to complete the project. Save America's Treasures and National Trust grants have been secured to assist with the study, interpretation and preservation of the best preserved of the forts that protected Washington DC.
And, lastly, The susquicentennial commemmoration of the Civil War provides the city a unique opportunity to engage our citizens and visitors in learning about our city's central role during this conflict. Many exciting plans are being discussed. The city needs to support our efforts and provide some funding and support. As we go forward in planning the waterfront, the importance of historic preservation and interpretation is key.
It is clear that all of these initiatives connect history to our quality of life, life-long learning, diversity of experience, and to economic sustainability.
Please consider incorporating them as objectives to be completed within the city's strategic plan.
Ellen Stanton, Chair, HARC

Ellen Stanton (73) | User | December 10, 2009 - 7:14 PM | Strategic Planning Process: Goal 7