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I joined the Alexandria Police Dept. in 1975, in part because the City offered its police officers an additional $1,000, paid yearly, for a four-year college degree. This was significant at the time given the starting salary was $11,500.

Four years later, the City abruptly terminated this benefit for incumbents as well as new hires. I will never forget the betrayal, bitterness and anger I felt at the time. This represented a broken promise; a violation of trust. I went on to spend 34 years with the City, retiring as a Deputy Chief with the Police Dept., Chief Deputy with the Sheriff's Office and teaching Criminal Justice at T.C. Williams H.S. I did not use my employment with the City as a stepping stone to enhance my career as many others seem to do. It was my life for 34 years. I would like to think I had a small part in making Alexandria the great city it is today.

You might imagine the disappointment and anger I felt when I realized the City was contemplating yet another broken promise, this time in the form of considering the termination of life insurance benefits for its retirees. Supporting this within the proposed FY 15 budget would be immoral in my judgment. Retirees have fulfilled their commitment to the City; it's now time for City leaders to uphold theirs. A secondary concern of mine is that if this passes, it will represent the proverbial 'camel's nose under the tent'. In others\ words, what will be next? Please do the right thing and take this proposal off the table.

Lenny George (438) | User | March 8, 2014 - 8:53 AM | FY 2015 Budget Comments