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I began my career with the City of Alexandria in 1987 after having worked with the County of Arlington for 6 years. Upon my arrival in Alexandria, it became readily apparent to me that the City was a good place to work and that the work force was valued by the City Council and the City Government. For a 26 year career, I gave the City my all, sacrificing many things to make sure the citizens of Alexandria were served well and that their communities were always safe for both work and play. This was a promise and oath I made as a Deputy Sheriff for the City of Alexandria Sheriff’s Office. Throughout my career, I never once deterred from this promise and commitment, as it was a pledge I made at the inception, with full knowledge of the expectations of its citizens, the Sheriff, and the City that had been placed on me. Upon my retirement in 2013 as Undersheriff for the City of Alexandria, I knew within my soul, I had fulfilled my part of the bargain.

Now it is time for the City to stay true to the pledge and promises they made to its work force. Every retiree signed on in their respective job/position with clear expectations of what the City promised. Most retirees are well beyond the age at which they can secure affordable life insurance. This window of opportunity passed, because each of the retirees knew the City ‘had their back’; at least that is what all of us were promised.

The cessation of funding for the Life Insurance Benefits for the City’s retirees, is nothing more than a breach of trust and commitment to so many individuals (once important employees ) that gave their blood and sweat to the City for so many years. We as retirees deserve better. Those who are in favor of this cessation of funding should be ashamed of themselves. I would be.

Tony Davis

Tony Davis (436) | User | March 6, 2014 - 1:26 AM | FY 2015 Budget Comments