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I am disturbed to find hidden on page 170 of the city's 554 page FY15 budget proposal that the City Manager feels that there is no longer a need to provide retirees with life insurance. While I was preparing to leave the city after 26 years of service, I met with several financial advisors and all asked about life insurance. They all stated how important income, insurance, and savings were in retirement. Because of the city's promise of life insurance to retirees, I did not seek other insurance. Failing to fulfill this promise will cause many people who will not be able find or afford new insurance policies a great hardship. We stood by the city during other difficult budget periods missing cost-of-living adjustments, merit raises or both many times. Now is the time for the city to stand by us and live up to their word.
Removing the cost of life insurance for retirees from the proposed budget reduces the amount by $247,430 or less than four one hundredths of one percent. While employees by the city, I heard many of the current city council members speak at public events and praise the work force for their efforts, commitment and sacrifice. Now is the time to see if they meant what they said and are willing to live up to their promises.

Tom Dumproff (431) | User | March 6, 2014 - 8:43 PM | FY 2015 Budget Comments