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I cannot believe the City Manager is actually considering eliminating the City's share of life insurance costs for retirees. Many retirees rely on this insurance to pay off bills, funerals, , and provide some degree of comfort for the remaining spouse. The cost for retirees to purchase insurance is considerably higher than if purchased at a younger age. It seems that personnel and employee issues, such as benefits, are the first things that our Manager wants to eliminate. I was employed by the City for 35 years and grew up in Alexandria. It amazes me that even retirees have to beg to retain their benefits. There are many services that are currently being provided that are wasteful. But because of political favoritism they still exist. Zero based budgeting is not a new concept. It was a popular budgetary tool in the 80's and did not accomplish anything at that time..Stop cutting of the dedicated public servants that contributed greatly to make Alexandria the great City it is currently. It was not the current Manager.

P.Jones (427) | User | February 28, 2014 - 1:05 PM | FY 2015 Budget Comments