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I, too, appreciate the quiet, passive, family-oriented nature of Founders Park. Which is why I find a disconnect between those qualities and a volleyball court (very active) and an unleashed dog run (very unfriendly to kids). I'd be pleased to see both removed.
Perhaps it would be possible to arrange for canvas chair rentals as London does. And maybe chess/checker rentals. Or even a free paperback book exchange. The new hotel would be a perfect place to store such things.
Is there some way to make it possible for little kids to splash in the water? It's what they all want to do and parents are hard pressed to keep them safe on the rocks. Not a beach but perhaps a low-to-the-water pier with clever restraints, or something?

Sandra Schlachtmeyer (423) | User | January 2, 2014 - 5:15 PM | Programming, Art and History Waterfront Implementation Ideas