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I don't even know where to begin. The plans for this area are asinine. Outdoor open-air shopping for this area is ridiculous the climate is too hot for anyone to shop outside here other than maybe 2 months a year before it's scorching hot and 100% humidity. There is no need for a movie theatre as there is the AMC Hoffman Center 22 less than 2 miles away on the SAME STREET Duke st. The city of Alexandria is making no effort to insure that the residents have affordable apartments in the city. And any one who will be WILLING and able to pay the high rents here won't be willing to come here as they would RATHER live in Shirlington or Clarendon they most certainly will not come here. The demographics of this area won't be able to support this project and it blows my mind that this is even being considered by the city. This is so ridiculous. There is no market for a place like that in an area like this. Common sense folks, common sense. We don't need any of the construction for two years to haggle traffic on duke and can dorn either, van dorn is already a nightmare rush hours, please come to your senses!

Carol (396) | User | November 4, 2013 - 12:47 PM | Landmark Mall Redevelopment Comment Board