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Building Landmark mall was a mistake and trying to redevelop is an even bigger mistake. Hopes were so very high for this mall that they dumped millions of dollars into an elevated off-ramp leading to a huge parking garage that that was completely unnecessary and remains unused except for warehousing by local new car dealers. I’m sure when the mall was first built folks did all the same marketing, location scouting, and analysis that’s being done today and the end result was “hey it’s right next to 395, this is a no-brainer”. We’ll the city should be prepared for the reality of folks will get off that highway one time and see the surrounding neighborhood and put what they experience onto the mental “never again list”. That’s what I did and is what everyone else does while sitting in traffic everyday. They see that mall and say too bad that neighborhood is disgusting and unsafe. It will take more than just putting some condos in a town center to make this work when the surrounding area is too depressed to attract the desired demographic which is opposite to the current demographic.

Alex A. (394) | User | November 2, 2013 - 12:53 PM | Landmark Mall Redevelopment Comment Board