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Civic engagement Handbook draft looks very good. It is easy to read in Spanish and the format of the presentation takes me slowly to each of the information points, easy to understand the concepts. I am very happy to see how well es explained the community participation and the city embracing our city diversity. I know it will be hard to work but the city already knows that and recognize some of the challenges come along with bringing everyone to the table to work.(Need of translation services and child care services. Just to mentioned some the manual is pointing out).
I love the comments from the participants in some of the pages because shows the view of the residents of our community. The expectations are very clear for all the participants: city staff, community members,volunteers and facilitators. Definitely it is a Handbook that will be use to go back and forth through the whole process for anyone who participate and help to work toward to the outcome with the ingredients the Handbook provides.

Marybel Enriquez (387) | User | October 11, 2013 - 1:09 PM | Civic Engagement Handbook Comment Board