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I commend the City for trying harder to solicit citizens’ input. Use of the City web site, e-mails, etc. is a positive development. My main comment on the Civic Engagement Handbook concerns page 47, “Mail”. Many people, especially elderly people, do not use e-mail. Many others are busy and not aware of the City’s electronic communications, or of posters, flyers, and newspaper articles. I believe that, at least once a year, if not more often, the City should mail to every citizen a brochure (perhaps 20 pages or so) summarizing key City-related information, especially upcoming potential changes that may be controversial, key scheduled key meetings of City Council and other groups, etc. Then, if someone later said, “I didn’t hear about it”, the response should be, “If you live in the City, you received this information in the annual summary brochure.” If people ignore this mailing, it is their own fault.
It is important to be sure that every citizen be informed about important, upcoming potential changes. Yes, direct mail to all citizens is expensive, but it is worth the cost at least once or twice a year.

Roger Sullivan (378) | User | October 4, 2013 - 3:25 PM | Civic Engagement Handbook Comment Board