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Missing from the well-organized, eloquently worded draft ACPS Middle School document is persuasive data affirming the need for the avant guarde interior renovations of middle schools

Although I did not plow through all 116 pages, what I did read led me to believe ACPS is on the cusp of another learning fad.

But this one is probably going to cost, if not as much as the palaces built for our HS and latest Middle School (where students at neither have yet to set the educational world afire), then enough cost to take your breath away

Some of the energy in the document is so captivating that I was left wondering why send students to a school in the first place.

If they have a stay-at-home parent, then let students stay home to take their lessons from a computer, or a big screen TV connected to one. Or craft a family smartphone apps to teach them. Or use social media. Or all three

Surely the merits to these ways of educating youngsters will far surpass their demerits, and be vastly less costly the beleaguered taxpayers too

Jimm Roberts (373) | User | June 6, 2014 - 8:16 PM | DRAFT Elementary & Middle School Educational Specifications

Clearly, an enormous amount of work produced this handbook. Its motivating impetus; that is, explaining to citizens how to engage their government, is commendable.

Missing, however, is a sharper delineation of its theme: Our city government needs citizen input to properly fulfill its purpose.

Consequently, I urge the opening sentence in the introduction be edited to make indisputably clear that the city government belongs to its citizens and exists to serve our needs. To effectively perform this core mission, our public servants need advice and guidance from those whom they serve.

My suggested opening sentence follows:

"This Handbook explains how citizens of Alexandria can make their voice and views heard. Both are essential to ensure our city government is response to its those whom it is dedicated to serve and whose taxes make possible the city services intended to enhance the delight of residing, working and enjoying our historic and beautiful port city, Alexandria"

Jimm Roberts (373) | User | September 11, 2013 - 11:14 AM | Civic Engagement Handbook Comment Board