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Brian Hernandez-Chavez no longer walks on the narrow asphalt path with his mother to shop at Landmark Mall. Little 8 year old Brian was struck and killed by a car January 15, 2012, having lost at the challenge of crossing the I-395 on/off ramps at Duke Street. While public officials proclaim, and planning staff dithers, families with baby carriages continue to cross unlit, unmarked lanes of speeding vehicles with distracted drivers.
Alexandria's abhorrent failure to install defenses for pedestrians at the I-395 ramps is criminal negligence. There is no justification that in all the years that this pedestrian/auto conflict has existed, Alexandria has installed raised pedestrian crosswalks in DelRay, engaged a "trolley" in Old Town, and painted bike lanes throughout the city.
No more waiting! No more pedestrian casualties!
Install markings and lights NOW, the same as at the Braddock Metro street crossing, while a separate pedestrian bridge crossing is built.
Or golly gee whiz, why not a free shuttle for pedestrian shoppers and workers who traverse I-395? Are these folks any less important than visitors to Old Town or DelRay?

Maria Wildes (363) | User | June 9, 2013 - 2:16 AM | Landmark Mall Redevelopment Comment Board