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1.) I'm with the others on the need for expanded mass transit - the goal should be to get people out of their cars in Alexandria. Towards that end (and maybe this is much larger bigger picture), we should have dedicated bus lanes on Duke, Van Dorn, and Beauregard streets so that we can provided connections between this new Landmark site - and the Beauregard small area plan. And we need this transit to be something similar to the Washington, DC Circulator (e.g. it should run every ten minutes basically all day from 6 AM to 10 PM - if you do that, you will get people out of their cars and people will use mass transit to access these new places). I'm convinced that people will use mass transit if the options are convenient enough - you know?

2.) Has any thought been given to having like an "anchor style" government tenant for this new space? For example, maybe I'm thinking way out of the box here - but I think the City of Alexandria, VA should move it's government offices to this area - sort of a gateway to the city type of thing. Or, having a large federal government office move here - like the Patent and Trademark Office or National Credit Union Administration - occupy this space? This would help spur sales in this new development, sell/rent some of the housing, etc.

Matthew Worner (359) | User | May 1, 2013 - 10:19 AM | Landmark Mall Redevelopment Comment Board