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- Create a sense of place with civic nodes, public art and architecture
- Opportunities for cultural activities, street fairs and a farmer’s market
- Architecture to be expressive of West End vernacular and reflect the time period when the site was built in 1965. Maybe a modern take on mid-century design?
- Interconnected open spaces that create ‘green’ pathways throughout the site and connect to adjacent neighborhoods
- Multi-modal transportation
- Priority given to network of pathways for pedestrians and bicycles
- Celebrate nodes where pedestrian/bicycle pathways intersect with mass transit.
- Mass transit finishes and accommodations to be first-class - i.e. climate controlled waiting areas, Wi-fi, etc..
- Clear and intuitive circulation and parking areas for automobiles with a well integrated connection to the pedestrian/bicycle pathways to provide an pleasurable walk to/from the retail center.
- Environmental Action Plan vision and guiding principles to be used as a framework for redevelopment plan
- Integrated ‘green’ infrastructure for managing stormwater on-site
- Capture stormwater in green spaces and infiltrate on-site
- Capture stormwater in cisterns and use stormwater for irrigation to reduce reliance on potable water
Use Casey Trees’ “Tree Space Design” guidelines for planting trees
- Trees can be a vibrant part of the urban environment, providing numerous environmental, economic and social benefits. Yet the ability of trees to grow and thrive in developed areas is limited by the availability and condition of rooting space. The widespread application of the soil volume recommendations and root-friendly design methods in this report will yield healthier, longer-lived urban trees.
- Use of native/non-invasive plant material. Limited use of annual plants.
- Use of solar panels to generate on-site power
- Demonstrable opportunities to provide ‘teaching’ moments in the landscape about sustainable design
- Use of permeable paving for sidewalks and parking lots

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