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I am writing this letter on behalf of the parking employees who work at the City of Alexandria Garages. As members of UNITE HERE Local 23, they are proud of the work they do serving the city’s customers. As you may be aware, the Parking Employees have not received any living wage increases since 2008 while the actual living wage, as calculated by the city manager
has been increasing every year since then and is now $1.19 over what it was in 2008.
The parking workers have been patient and understanding of the city’s budget constraints since 2008. We believe that this request is reasonable and fair. Nobody should be working with no wage increases for five years. We hope that the city will take this into consideration and make the necessary adjustment for these workers.

Unite Here local 23 (341) | User | March 15, 2013 - 10:04 AM | FY 14 Budget Process