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We at Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia applaud the concerted and multi-faceted commitment of the City to address the growing need for affordable housing in Alexandria. Affordable rental units rightly remain as a desirable and worthy goal of the City’s efforts as these units address immediate and short-term needs of families, but not necessarily the long-term needs or goals of these families.

I strongly urge the City and the Office of Housing to keep on the planning table the many benefits affordable home ownership means to our community and to our families:
• GMU’s Center for Regional Analysis forecasts that for a stable, diverse, and culturally rich environment, there is a clear need for growth in the number of smaller, more affordable owner-occupied homes/units in the $200-399K range. The Habitat mission and model for affordable home ownership exactly targets families in the 35-60% range of AMI, placing them in homes in this price point
• Home ownership demonstrably promotes stable housing costs, greater commitment to building a neighborhood, and a launch pad for wealth creation through equity – with attendant generational financial stability, educational, and health impact
• Affordable home ownership creates a stable middle class and addresses the increasing wealth gap in our community

Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia stands ready to creatively address the growing need for affordable rental and ownership units in our community through public and private partnerships.

Thank you,

Rev. Dr. Jon Smoot, Executive Director

Jon Smoot (324) | User | January 24, 2013 - 4:39 PM | Alexandria Housing Master Plan