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On the one hand, I support public transit, especially where it improves access for people who have no other choice. For example, before we broke down and bought a second car, I was pretty much out of luck if my child missed the school bus, because there is no single bus that takes me from my house on Duke Street to his school on Janney's Lane (or even close). On the other hand, my property line ends at the access road on Duke St, between Jordan and Wheeler, precisely where there is discussion about widening Duke Street, adding dedicated transit lanes and a center alternating lane.

Will widening Duke Street there mean eliminating the access road? I have to tell you that any plan that would eliminate the access road absolutely must not be considered. For those of us with children, or with driveways that open onto the access road, getting rid of that safety barrier simply is not an option. I would feel better about the plan if there were reassurances that the access road will stay.

I'm also concerned about accessibility for our neighborhoods; how much more difficult will getting into and out of our streets be when we have more lanes to contend with? And if there are no left turns from Duke Street during peak hours, people who live, say, north of Duke St. between Gordon and Donelson, will be really restricted. It won't be impossible for them to get home, just exceptionally difficult if they are unlucky enough to come home by way of 395.

Jen (317) | User | June 12, 2012 - 12:21 PM | Transitway Corridor Feasibility Study Comment Board