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Please consider opening all corridors. We live in a city that is getting more crowded, therefore we need more options. You should recalibrate all streets to two-way. No more one-ways, or off limit "sacred cow" streets, where people claim residential neighborhoods, quiet enclave avenues, or man-made cul-de-sacs. Commonwealth Avenue in Rosemont/Del Ray should have a trolley like it did years ago. This way you can connect north-south points, connect to Arlington, create bicycle ways/boulevards/transit corridors other than just a few. Also, GW Parkway should be opened as well...more options means more burden-sharing and equitable distribution of traffic and transit options. It is time to break the hold of exclusive neighborhoods over connecting major jurisdictions, cities, and counties. Think ahead please!

Thank you.


Nick (316) | User | May 25, 2012 - 4:36 PM | Transitway Corridor Feasibility Study Comment Board