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I want to thank the Mayor and the city council, traffic commission, and planning commission for your valuable time and effort given to the Beauregard Stakeholders Group. It has been a long, arduous effort and I am happy that you have seen the vision of this plan and approved it. I believe it is a step forward in bringing the west end to a new beginning. I look forward to to seeing our little corner of Alexandria finally grow and prosper. While 100% of people may not always agreed, it's good to see we can all come together and make a right choice.
Again, thank you,
Nancy Shanks
Fairbanks Ave

Nancy Shanks (311) | User | May 13, 2012 - 11:54 AM | Beauregard Small Area Plan

My family has been a resident since 1955. I live on Fairbanks Ave.
Through these many years, i have watched a steady decline of the west end. An empty, derelict restaurant on Seminary Rd, A Giant grocery store that shelves expired items and cannot keep grocery carts, rising crime, poor schools. Traffic has increased but from what we observe, its from surrounding areas, such as Fairfax County. I am in full support of the SAP. How can we justify shopping, eating and socializing in other areas, such as Clarendon, Shirlington, Pentagon City, Tysons, etc, bringing our money to improve these other neighborhoods and watch them prosper when our own is turning into a rapid downward spiral. How many of these residents live in their sequestered little neighborhood but rarely venture out of them except to leave? If you really want to keep things the same, shop ONLY in the west end-such as Giant at Mark Center, CVS, or Landmark. It puts a whole new perspective on shopping doesn't it? ONLY eat out in the west end also, such as Finn and Porter, Clydes, Illusions.
We are becoming the land that time forgot. Alexandria is running out of money but everyone says 'Not with MY tax dollars'.
Since everyone has specific ideas and suggestions, please bring your development, traffic and zoning expertize to these meetings. Make sure your titles and licensing is up to date, your blueprints, and your own traffic anaylis and where you got your information. I know its expensive but if you are going to counter the ideas of others, make sure you can compete. I dont pertain to be an expert in any of these fields, nor can I afford the thousands of dollars to pay an expert so I do have to put some trust that these people know what they are doing.
The longer we wait, the more expensive it becomes. For 3 years we have gone over, rehashed, beaten the proverbial dead horse-lets finally move on.

Nancy Shanks (311) | User | April 13, 2012 - 12:58 PM | Beauregard Small Area Plan