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I believe that citizens should be able to hold their representatives accountable for their actions. In order to do that, we need to understand exactly what are the requirements (must do’s) of this development plan, not what are the recommendations (nice to have’s).

It would appear that over 95% of what this Plan talks about are recommendations (nice to have’s), but only a few substantive requirements are included such as the ability of the developer to increase the density of the area.

While I recognize that many of these recommendations cannot be known at this time and thus turned into requirements, I also believe that we must set minimum requirements at this point in the planning.

Due to the lack of good prior planning on the part of the City when it comes to traffic and BRAC 133, I would hope my City officials would have learned a lesson. They need to recognize that the traffic problems that currently exist will only get worse when they are combined with demolition and construction traffic once this Plan is approved and development begins. Therefore the City needs to set minimum requirements when it comes to traffic movement in the West End before they can expect this resident to support this Plan.

I strongly urge the City to create a list of minimum requirements for this project in all areas including housing, transportation, land use, open spaces, etc. It is impossible for City residents to understand fully what they are giving up and what they are getting in return when there are few, if any, requirements and no minimum requirements.

k hoekstra (310) | User | April 9, 2012 - 9:53 AM | Beauregard Small Area Plan