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Congratulations on this process and acknowledging the needs it seeks to serve. Alexandria's living legacy and brand identity are served by the best possible means of civic engagement and exercise of freedom of speech. This process helps to underscore who we are as a community.

One point I do not see addressed as a matter of diversity is the need to involve and include impartial, informed sources where available.

"Celebrate small victories" (p. 59) is a very worthy goal deserving of a process - as is embracing the understanding that "increasing public engagement across the city will require years of sustained collaboration and considered progress."

The use of a civic engagement advisory commission could extend and enhance this project.

Carol James (296) | User | October 9, 2013 - 5:37 PM | Civic Engagement Handbook Comment Board

I appreciate the opportunity for input on the Beauregard Small Area Plan and the endeavors of all stakeholders in this project.

I wish to associate myself with the comments of Dave Cavanaugh, and most especially with his concerns about fire/EMT service. Public safety is Job One of the City and should never be contingent upon others' agreements to fund it.

My additional concerns beyond those he has articulated are:

1. Financial assumptions need to model best, worst, and likely-case scenarios. For example, there are no assurances that Ft. Belvoir will not pursue further encroachment into the plan area, removing property from tax roles and adding a further burden on City and State services. In fact, it would seem that a negative number for removal of tax revenue by BRAC-133 and its free parking facility would be a more accurate accounting of the development costs in this locale. Another BRAC round is now foreseen, despite City planning staff's previous assumption that such an initiative is likely. A comparison of expansion activities by Ft. Belvoir at its Charlottesville annex is worthy of review and extrapolation.

Current plans to avoid taking on debt financing for this project are laudable and, to my mind, a prerequsite assumption for any plan approval.

Affordable housing is a widespread concern. Maintaining workforce housing is an important objective - and must be accomplished as a scatter-site, integrated initiative rather than as a segregated site or sites. Government-sanctioned segregation based on economic determinants is as perverse in its implications for building functioning communities as other classifications of persons - all persons must be included by and desirable to the whole.

Parking as currently planned is inadequate. Parking for workforce vehicles such as panel trucks and pickups must be provided.

As new utility services, such as FIOS, are installed, such services also must be made available in surrounding neighborhoods.

In addition to upgrading fire/EMT services in the corridor, City administrative services also need to be located here - perhaps above he fire station.

Corridor C and the elipse are counterproductive to the walkable urban community envisioned by this plan and should be abandonned in favor of improved performance of Seminary Road and I-395.

Carol James (296) | User | February 13, 2012 - 5:44 PM | Beauregard Small Area Plan