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The protest petition process is a mechanism which can be employed by those most affected by a zoning change – the immediate neighbors. It enables them to let their voices be heard in a very powerful way.
Generally speaking, the way it works is follows: Neighbors representing at least 20% of the land within 300 feet of the proposed zoning boundary must submit signed protest petitions to the City Clerk prior to noon on the last business day before the Council meeting. The Planning Director then rules as to whether the petitions are valid or not and whether their sum represent 20% of the land. If deemed valid by the Planning Director, this forces City Council to have a super majority versus a simple majority in order to pass the zoning change. A super majority is 6-1, meaning only 2 votes are needed to defeat the zoning change. If deemed in invalid, any one (or more) of the petition signatures can file an appeal to the board of zoning appeals. These past few weeks dozens of citizen petitioners went door to door and office to office, up and down the Alexandria waterfront gathering signatures for this effort. They grossly exceed expectations, obtaining hundreds of signatures of both residential and commercial property owners who oppose this zoning change. Combined, these commercial and residential property owners pay millions of dollars per year in taxes to the city – a point which woefully overlooked in this debate. The proverbial ball is in the Planning Directors court.
Note that members of the press asked whether this protest as valid as the section 11.808 is titled “map ammendment”. Read section 11.808 and you will see that in section D it clearly states “MAP OR TEXT” ammendment. The protest petition we believe is very solid.

Mark Mueller (275) | User | January 19, 2012 - 5:08 PM | Waterfront Comment Board

ATTENTION CITIZENS - Ms. Hamer has denied Bert Ely's request to post his dissenting waterfront workgroup minority report to the WWG website. Therefore I have posted it here. God Bless the USA and God Bless the citizens of Alexandria. To download Bert's report visit:

Mark Mueller (275) | User | January 10, 2012 - 10:03 PM | Waterfront Comment Board