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Dear Mayor, Vice-Mayor and Council Members:

We are writing to express our concern about the status of Warwick Pool, and of the city’s aquatics in general. We understand that the city is currently undergoing an Aquatics Assessment and developing a Master Plan. As new homeowners in Warwick Village, we applaud these efforts, and we urge you to support the capital investments necessary to upgrade our city’s aquatics facilities and maintain Warwick pool.

The Warwick Pool is a critical quality of life asset, community gathering place and source of outdoor recreation for the residents of several Alexandria neighborhoods, including Arlandria, Del Ray and Lynnhaven. Our community loves this pool and it is especially important as a source of exercise and fun for the increasing number of children in the area. Now that the neighboring Landover Park is complete, the pool is even more attractive because kids can come and use both the playground and the pool.

The pool is so important to so many people that concerned citizens have come together as part of an association dedicated to maintaining the pool as a vibrant community resource. Called “The Friends of Warwick Pool,” we are planning volunteer projects to maintain and improve the pool and conduct community outreach to increase usage. The association has already met with City Aquatics Director Ralph Baird and looks forward to partnering with the city in this effort.

As we mentioned, we are new homeowners in Warwick Village and therefore, new taxpayers who are fully invested in the health, success, and growth of the city of Alexandria. We genuinely appreciate the city's efforts to maintain a balanced budget and be responsible stewards of the individuals and businesses whose taxes fund city operations. However, community infrastructure is undoubtedly a critical part of Alexandria's attractiveness to homebuyers and businesses. To allow such a large piece of this infrastructure to fall into disrepair would only cause a blight on the community that would ultimately cost more than making the necessary investment now to keep the pool running.

We stand willing to work with the city to find ways to sustain Warwick Pool and adjoining Landover Park. With the involvement of community members, local businesses, and our diligent elected officials, we are confident that tenable, long term solutions exist.

Again, I commend you for your effort to create a Master Plan for city aquatics and I urge you to support the capital investments necessary to maintain Warwick pool. We firmly believe that it is in the best interest of all of Alexandria.

Kelly and Matthew Ferguson (223) | User | April 29, 2011 - 11:17 AM | FY 2012 Budget Process