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What does a 150 room hotel look like?

There is nothing boutique about a 150 room hotel. Count how many trash trucks, meat trucks, liquor trucks, soft drink trucks, bread trucks, seafood trucks, will it take to service the guests of 150 rooms daily. You cant use the word boutique and 150 room hotel in the same sentence. Think of the sewage alone.
I dont think our elected officials will feel any retribution from the writers of the Washington Post.(who owns some of the land) It is the stockholders and owners of the Post who will make tens of millions of dollars off this plan to rezone the property and improperly allow waterfront hotels to be built along the banks of our dear old town of Alexandria.
However, I can say these officials will certainly feel the wrath of the voting citizens in the next election.

Alexandrienne (182) | User | June 13, 2011 - 8:28 PM | Waterfront Comment Board

The City of Alexandria could reverse its deficit in 30 days by selling off the dozens of high end luxury townhomes it currently owns and gives rent free to public housing. In one neighborhood alone Quaker Hill, the city owns many beautiful townhouses (community pool, club house, free yard maintenance, gorgeous landscaping) that are worth 450,000-550,000 each. Plus the condos. Do the math, that’s 30 million dollars the city owns in one luxury neighborhood 10 minutes from the Pentagon. That buys a lot of rent vouchers. Today there are 377 rental properties available now empty in Alexandria. Those persons should get rental vouchers. The townhouses in Quaker Hill should be sold via Alexandria Real estate agents who are chosen by a drawing. They should be sold one by one agent per townhouse. The new buyers will make improvements, and it will be win win for the local economy. There is one townhouse in Quaker Hill on sale now by a private owner for the 600’s. While TC Williams and the local public schools implode from neglect, Alexandria is hoarding this INSANE cache of sought after properties in YOUR DISTRICT at the luxury level for public housing in zip code 22314. The city is in the red. Our schools need the money now, not later. That is the solution for the city to get out of debt.

Alexandrienne (182) | User | October 20, 2010 - 7:39 PM | FY 2011 Budget Process