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I am very concerned by the proposal to charge a $100 annual fee for those City residents who wish to use the fitness center at Charles Houston while maintaining free access for the other parts of the recreation center. Several concerns:

1) How was this decision formulated and on what basis? Does the Center incur higher costs to maintain the fitness center? If so, why is that?

2) How does the Center plan to enforce this new fee? Will our Membership cards reflect whether or not we have paid the fee? How will the fee be paid? Will there be a guard at the doors to the fitness room to enforce this policy?

As others have mentioned, the Charles Houston Center is a welcome addition to our community that allows all Alexandrians of all income classes to participate together in their fitness. However, this new policy seems designed to impose fees on a certain subset of the population. If fees are required to help maintain the Center, they should be applied on all users, with appropriate discounts for those of lower incomes. It is patently unfair to single out users of one facility at the Center.

Jofi Joseph (160) | User | May 18, 2010 - 5:11 PM | FY 2011 Budget Process