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DRAFT Elementary & Middle School Educational Specifications

The Ed Specs/School of the Future Subcommittee of the Long Range Educational Facilities Work Group is seeking the community’s feedback on DRAFT ACPS Elementary School Educational Specifications as well as DRAFT ACPS Middle School Educational Specifications developed during the Subcommittee’s work over this past year.

The community’s input is needed to ensure these documents accurately reflect our vision for future schools in Alexandria. Please share comments and suggestions on this Comment Board, open through June 23. All feedback received will be summarized and posted by June 27, and will inform the final versions of the documents.

For additional information, contact Laurel Hammig, ACPS, at 703-461-4168.

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Thank you for providing feedback on the Draft ACPS Elementary and Middle School Ed Spec documents. The comment board is now closed. All feedback received will be posted to the website and will inform the final versions of these documents. Please stay informed on this project by visiting the website ( ).

City SealKatharine Carraway (346) | City Staff | June 24, 2014 - 6:51 AM

I'm a commissioner on the Alexandria Commission for the Arts. Please be aware that Alexandria has few mid-size performing arts spaces available for reasonable rental to our city's arts community. Arts groups must frequently rent space outside of the city; let's keep this income source here. If school auditoriums could have public entrance access, that wouldn't compromise school-wide security and just allow passage for the audience to the auditorium, rentals could remain more reasonable for arts groups. These spaces are currently heated, air-conditioned, cleaned...and frequently empty. Please consider performing arts rentals when designing these publicly funded spaces; thanks. Separate issue: as an avid cyclist, too, please consider adequate bike parking and safe bike lane access to school entrances; thanks!

Margaret Wohler (451) | User | June 8, 2014 - 2:28 PM

As a community member who attended a number of the working group's meetings over the last year, I'd like to say that at first I was skeptical that the wide range of opinions and ideas and needs of our students could be drafted into a document that made sense. At one meeting, I learned that nearly three dozen different groups were interviewed about the use of space in our elementary and middle schools. The collective ideas of stakeholders now reads like a catalog from which future changes can be prioritized and RFPs can be drafted for construction, goods and services (this kind of document already exists for the high school and was used in the TC renovation).
I see that the range of information covers the most-requested practices of everything from entrance design to placement of public spaces. This document will be an easy-to-use and easy-to-adapt framework as schools plan future changes.
My questions and concerns were addressed. Thank you.

AmyNThomas (379) | User | June 8, 2014 - 1:39 PM

Missing from the well-organized, eloquently worded draft ACPS Middle School document is persuasive data affirming the need for the avant guarde interior renovations of middle schools

Although I did not plow through all 116 pages, what I did read led me to believe ACPS is on the cusp of another learning fad.

But this one is probably going to cost, if not as much as the palaces built for our HS and latest Middle School (where students at neither have yet to set the educational world afire), then enough cost to take your breath away

Some of the energy in the document is so captivating that I was left wondering why send students to a school in the first place.

If they have a stay-at-home parent, then let students stay home to take their lessons from a computer, or a big screen TV connected to one. Or craft a family smartphone apps to teach them. Or use social media. Or all three

Surely the merits to these ways of educating youngsters will far surpass their demerits, and be vastly less costly the beleaguered taxpayers too

Jimm Roberts (373) | User | June 6, 2014 - 8:16 PM

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