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Strategic Planning Process: Goal 3

There is an Integrated, Multimodal Transportation System that Efficiently and Effectively Gets People from Point "A" to Point "B"

Transportation Workgroup

  • Council Members: Bill Euille & Paul Smedberg
  • Lead Staff: Rich Baier

The strategic planning process is an effort by City Council to move the City forward in realizing the goals of the community. Your comments are important to this process and will help shape the development of the City's plan.

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In June 2009, the Council adopted the Environmental Action Plan 2030. This document has a host of action items most of which were taken from existing documents such as the Transport Master Plan.
In these straightened times I would recommend that the Council does not take its eye off the small to middle size capital items. Let's finish the bike route plan. Let's put in those missing sidewalks so vividly described during the first Beauregard Small Area planning meeting. Continue the work on pedestrian crossings, bike racks etc. And then let there be a hard look at the marketing of the systems we have. Some commentators have decried the removal of DASH services but when they have an average passenger load of nine, such routes are hard to defend. The answer is to not remove the service but to increase the ridership. This might mean being more hostile to the Single Occupancy Vehicle. All these items can be listed and easily measured on an annual basis.

Peter Pennington (49) | User | November 8, 2009 - 11:23 AM

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