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THIS IS NOT A FORMAL COMPLAINT: Your completion of this questionnaire does not signify that you have filed a formal complaint with the Alexandria Office of Human Rights. This questionnaire is for information only.


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When did the alleged discriminatory act occur? (Must be within 300 days if filing under Title VII, 180 days if filing under Age Discrimination in Employment Act, 365 days if filing under Housing)  

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President/Contact Person/Phone  

Date of Hire (Date of Hire (if applicable)
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Please list individuals involved (include full name and title):



Please provide a brief description of the alleged discriminatory acts:   

The information you have provided herein is confidential. Respondents are not notified of this initial contact as this is not a formal complaint. This information will be forwarded to an investigator who will contact you promptly to schedule an intake interview at the office, to determine whether you have grounds for a formal complaint.

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