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AHS Lecture - Archaeology at the River’s Edge

Title:AHS Lecture - Archaeology at the River’s Edge
Date & Time:Wed May 25, 2022 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
201 S. Washington St.
Event Details:Beginning in 2015, new development along Alexandria’s historic shoreline triggered archaeological work in advance of construction. Project by project, the remains of wharves, warehouses, dwellings and houselots, industries, privies, and four ship hull remnants emerged from the waterlogged depths at the Potomac River’s edge. The level of preservation under these modern City blocks was astounding – 20th century slab-built structures nearly perfectly encapsulated entire remains of historic waterfront neighborhoods. This talk will provide an update on the research and preservation of the ships’ timbers and other archaeological finds. Even as individual features and artifact assemblages, these finds are highly significant, but when taken together along with a wealth of historical documentary data, a historic maritime landscape is taking form.

Dr. Eleanor Breen is a historical archaeologist with two decades of experience on sites in the mid-Atlantic region. As City Archaeologist, Eleanor currently directs the renowned public archaeology program and museum that preserves and interprets the buried history of the City of Alexandria, Virginia. Eleanor came aboard at an exciting time in the program’s 40-year history as waterfront excavations yielded ships, artifacts, and features pertaining to Alexandria’s maritime heritage.
Contact Person:Eleanor Breen
Contact Phone No.:703.746.4399
Audience:Anyone may attend
Tags:Archaeology Museum, Lecture, Lyceum, Museums, Old & Historic Alexandria, Old Town

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