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Quarterly Short-Term Rental Tax Returns Due

Title:Quarterly Short-Term Rental Tax Returns Due
Date & Time:Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:00 AM - 11:55 PM
Location:City Hall, Room 1700, Tax Services & Enforcement
One-Stop Customer Service Center for City taxes, income tax assistance, and tax relief programs.
Event Details:All individuals, partnerships or corporations engaged in the business of renting daily rental property are classified as retail merchants for City business license tax purposes. Such merchants, if they meet the definition of a short-term rental business, must collect from consumers a tax on all daily rentals in lieu of a Personal Property Tax on the property. The Daily Rental Tax is levied as a percentage of gross receipts, based on the rate set by City Council on May 5 each year. Every entity collecting the tax must file a short-term (daily) rental application by January 31 each year and report and pay taxes quarterly. All new short-term rental businesses must file within 30 days of the business start date.
Contact Person:Tax Services & Enforcement
Contact Phone No.:703.746.3903
Audience:Anyone may attend
Tags:Business Tax, Short-Term Rental Tax, Tax Filing Deadline, Taxes

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